Creating detailed architectural, engineering, and construction models are imperative for your business. Creating them fast enables your business to gain a competitive edge. Learn more about our PC Workstation solutions for Architecture & Engineering


Software is critical to the day-to-day working life of any architecture, engineering, or construction professional. Whether being used to complete projects, serve clients, or achieve business objectives, the AEC community depends on a varied set of solutions to power productivity and success.

This range of software spans design workflow applications to platforms used for project collaboration and documentation. CAD software enables AEC users to design detailed models, while other platforms are used to render those plans into textured 3D visuals, and yet more software tools exist along the continuum of project management that AEC professionals use for critical tasks and workflows.

Diversity in software reflects the array of responsibilities and duties of AEC professionals. In order to be productive in modeling and responsive to stakeholders, AEC users need the latest, professional grade software — and they need workstations capable of supporting these various, intensive applications.


Specific workflows work best with specific configurations. For instance, single-threaded workflows featuring BIM modeling and animation benefit from high CPU frequency, whereas multi-threaded tasks such as scene rendering are enabled by multiple cores.

Although these disparate needs may create challenges for AEC users, the wide selection of BOXX workstations is designed to advance both types of creative workflows. Whether you need an overclocked system to run frequency-bound applications, a workstation with support for more cores and GPUs, or something in between, BOXX has the workstation configuration AEC professionals require for success.

We understand the unique demands of AEC professionals. Our experience and expertise working closely with both AEC software providers and customers helps inform every product and service we offer (including GoBOXX mobile workstations which enable AEC professionals to take their workflow on-the-go). Rave reviews and customer success stories further reinforce the fact that BOXX AEC workstations deliver peak performance in the office, your client’s boardroom, the construction site, or anywhere else your business takes you.




BOXX offers safely overclocked workstations optimized for ArchiCAD 19. Now faster than ever, these multi-core, professional options can utilize several CPUs for specific tasks.



Avoid bottlenecks inherent in all CAD applications with an overclocked BOXX workstation engineered to significantly increase AutoCAD productivity.


Act-3D B.V.

Used for rendering rich stills and animations, Lumion makes the best use of high-performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and high-frame rates for which BOXX workstations are configured.



Navisworks is built to enable collaboration and facilitate project control and a custom-configured BOXX workstation will ensure you have the computing capacity this workflow demands.



AEC professionals often use Recap in conjunction with single-threaded CAD applications. Avoid bottlenecks and enhance productivity with a BOXX workstation designed to accelerate both workflows.



A best-in-class BOXX workstation, professionally overclocked and custom-built for Revit, saves time, increases productivity, and delivers real ROI.



Used from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction, SketchUp is essential for most AEC professionals and a BOXX workstation ensures you’ll have the computing capacity to program, diagram, design, detail, and document.


Unique compute requirements for creating 3D assets and consuming VR content means unique hardware configurations. Get the best possible options with BOXX.